Modifying schematic rules sequence entries

Several rules can be specified in the Rules tab related to a schematic diagram template. Then, each time a schematic diagram based on that template is updated or generated, the specified rules are chained in their entry sequence order. This entry sequence order can be redefined at any time.

  1. Edit your schematic dataset within Schematic Dataset Editor.
  2. If the schematic dataset resources are not arranged in a tree view in the Schematic Items window, click Views in the Schematic Dataset Editor toolbar and click Project Tree.
  3. In Dataset Editor tree, click the entry related to the schematic diagram template on which you want to modify the rule orders.
  4. Click the Rules tab.
  5. Select the line corresponding to the rule you want to move to another location.
  6. Then, from the Rules tab toolbar:
    • Click Move Down Arrow icon Move Down to move the selected rule down one level.
    • Click Move Up Arrow icon Move Up to move the selected rule up one level.
  7. Repeat step 6 until your rule entries are ordered as desired.
  8. Click Save icon Save on the Schematic Dataset Editor toolbar.

The newly specified rules entry sequence order is automatically taken into account for any new generated schematic diagram. For schematic diagrams that have been generated before these modifications, you need to update them so the schematic rules reexecute in this new order during update and their content reflects these changes.

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