Visualizing and Using Real-time Data

Desktop Clients

There are a variety of Desktop Clients for Tracking Server available for viewing your real-time data, including the ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension.

Web Clients

There are a variety of Web Clients for Tracking Server that available for immediate use, as well as the numerous customization options provided using the Tracking Client APIs.

ArcGIS for Server Integration

Tracking Server integrates with ArcGIS for Server in a couple different ways to enable real-time data in an enterprise GIS. Real-time tracking layers connected to Tracking Server can be published to ArcGIS for Server. Also, real-time data from Tracking Server can be logged to geodatabase (see below) for integration with ArcGIS for Server. And, of course, services from ArcGIS for Server can be incorporated into any real-time Web mapping application.

To learn more about ArcGIS for Server, visit the ArcGIS for Server product page or the ArcGIS Server online help documentation.

Logging and Archiving Real-time Data

In addition to viewing your real-time data on a map, Tracking Server also enables logging and archival of your real-time data using the Feature Logger Data Link. Visit the Tracking Server online help documentation to learn more about logging real-time data with Feature Logger.