ArcPad Scripting Object Model
AddNew Method
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Optional. A variable declared as a Geometric object.
Recordset Collection : AddNew Method

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Creates a new record and adds it to the RecordSet.


object.AddNew ( [pShape] )


Optional. A variable declared as a Geometric object.


Call the AddNew method to create and add a new record to the RecordSet. After you set the values of the new record's fields, call the Update method to save the changes and add the record to the RecordSet. You must call the Update method before moving to another record or your changes will be lost without any warning. After you call the AddNew method, the new record becomes the current record and remains current after you call the Update method. When using the AddNew method to add features to a shapefile RecordSet, you can use the optional Shape argument to specify the geometry of the feature being added. If you use this approach, the geometry of the shape will automatically be reprojected to match the coordinate system of the RecordSet.


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