ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Update Method
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Recordset Collection : Update Method

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Saves any changes to the current record.




Call the Update method to save the current record and any changes you have made to it.
Changes to the current record will be lost if:

You call the AddNew method and then move to another record without first calling Update.
You call the AddNew method and then call AddNew again without first calling Update.


Captures the date and time from the GPS and stores it in the DTSTAMP attribute field of the selected feature. This example assumes the attribute DTSTAMP exists.
Timestamp Attribute Example (VBScript)Copy Code
Sub DTCapture
  If Map.SelectionLayer Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
  Dim pSelRS
  Set pSelRS = Map.SelectionLayer.Records
  pSelRS.Bookmark = Map.SelectionBookmark
  pSelRS.Fields("DTSTAMP").Value = FormatDateTime(GPS.Properties("UTC"))
  Set pSelRS = Nothing
End Sub

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