Client Options for Visualization

While Tracking Server is the engine for processing and distributing real-time data, a separate client application must be used to view the data. Data from Tracking Server can be viewed in a number of different Web and desktop client applications. Tracking Viewer, supplied with Tracking Server, is an example of a Web client. The ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension for ArcGIS for Desktop, is an example of a desktop client.

With Esri Tracking Server, you have a choice of which client application to use for viewing your data, and the best choice depends on the needs of your organization. If you need real-time data viewing with powerful analysis capabilities, you may want to use ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension to view your real-time data from Tracking Server. On the other hand, if you prefer a lightweight client and you don't require advanced analysis capabilities, a web-based viewing application such as Tracking Viewer might suit your needs better.

Viewing Data Using the ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension

If your operation requires the analysis capabilities available in ArcGIS for Desktop, Tracking Analyst may be your best option. Tracking Analyst allows you to display, analyze, and manipulate real-time and fixed-time data with a variety of tools available with the extension. This offers the most functionality for real-time display and analysis. However, the performance of the real-time throughput will be affected by the platform running ArcMap or ArcGlobe.

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Viewing Data Using Tracking Viewer

If your operation doesn't require the advanced analysis capabilities of Tracking Analyst, then Tracking Viewer may be your best option. Tracking Viewer is a lightweight web-based application provided with Tracking Server and designed for viewing tracking services from Tracking Server. It focuses on ease-of-use rather than complex analysis capabilities.

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ArcGIS for Server Integration

Tracking Server integrates with ArcGIS for Server in a couple different ways to enable real-time data in an enterprise GIS. Real-time tracking layers connected to Tracking Server can be published to ArcGIS for Server. Also, real-time data from Tracking Server can be logged to geodatabase for integration with ArcGIS for Server. And, of course, services from ArcGIS for Server can be incorporated into any real-time Web mapping application.

For more information about ArcGIS for Server, visit the ArcGIS for Server product page or online help documentation.

Creating Web Applications

If customization is required to meet your real-time viewing needs, tracking client applications for the Web can be created on a variety of platforms using Esri's Tracking Client APIs.

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Tracking Server Resources

You can also check the Tracking Server Resources group in the ArcGIS Online gallery to download other tracking viewers and widgets!